• Salk Haloshield Underpads 32  x 36   w/Flaps

Salk Haloshield Underpads 32 x 36 w/Flaps

  • $70.36
With 18 Tuck-in Flaps * Antimicrobial protection that eliminates odor embarrassment and hassle * The germ and odor-killing power of the reusable underpad is renewed with every wash in chlorine bleach * Eliminates the unpleasant embarrassing urine odors that result from incontinence * Kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria within 10 minutes of contact with the HaloShield underpad * Ultrasoft moisture-wicking top layer keeps users dry * Super absorbent inner layer quickly traps fluids * 100% waterproof protection for bedding and chairs * Reliable and effective * Non-irritating for sensitive skin * More economical and better for the environment than disposables *

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