8 oz Disposable Coffee Cups, Insulated Corrugated Paper Cups, Kraft Ripple Wall Cups for Hot Beverage or Cold Drinks Office/Home/Party/Travel/Cafe

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TRIPLE-LAYER RIPPLED WALL FOR BETTER INSULATION. This revolutionary rippling wall keeps the cup cool to the touch to ensure it doesn't get too hot on the exterior; unlike smooth surface cups, you can handle and sip it comfortably. This sleeveless Kraft paper hot cup eliminates the need for wasteful multiple cups or sleeves. For use in your own home, workplace, coffee shop, bistro, concession stand, or kiosk, this ripple paper hot cup is ideal; Disposable hot mugs in bulk will ensure efficiency while reducing waste; with these travel-friendly coffee cups, you can serve coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and more!

Unlike smooth surface cups, the cup's unique rippling wall maintains it cool to the touch so that it doesn't get too hot on the exterior and allows for comfortable holding and drinking.

Key Features

  • Durable Design: 8 Oz Disposable Coffee Cups with lids are crafted from environmentally friendly, food-grade materials that are BPA-free. The noteworthy feature of paper cups is their easy degradability, making them the preferred choice for environmentalists.
  • Robust and suitable for all applications: Compostable Hot Cups with Lids are the ideal beverage solution for your home, cafe, coffee shop, kiosk, concession stand, or convenience store. They are extra thick and sturdy to ensure durability.
  • Hot and Cold Use: 8 Oz compostable coffee cups are ideal for carrying your coffee, tea, or beverages, making them the best choice for everyday use, parties, birthdays, weddings, or any special event. Ideal for tea, soup, as well as espresso, cappuccino, latte, dessert coffee, cocoa, or any other hot beverage, including a cup of hot water.
  • Perfect for any occasion: These 8 Oz paper coffee cups with lids are versatile, and suitable for both home and commercial use. They are excellent for various settings such as family gatherings, schools, sporting events, cafes, stores, fundraisers, restaurants, clubs, and entertaining your guests.
  • Environmentally Friendly: 8 oz Disposable Coffee Cups are crafted from food-grade, environmentally friendly materials that are free of BPA. The standout feature of paper cups is their easy degradability, making them the preferred choice for environmentalists.

Ideal for:

  • Restaurants
  • Catering Services
  • Cafes
  • Wedding
  • Any Use
  • Home Use


  • Sustainable choice for food packaging
  • Versatile design suitable for various food items
  • Convenient compartments for organized serving
  • Durable construction for reliable transportation
  • Environmentally responsible option for businesses and consumers alike.

About The Product 

  • Compostable 
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Microwave Safe
  • Divided
  • Disposable
  • Freezer Safe
  • Oil-resistant 
  • Leakproof




Kraft Ripple Wall Cups Insulated


Black & Red





Product Dimensions

3.55"W x 3.62"H


8 Oz. 

Item Weight

2 pounds

Number of Pieces:


Is Microwaveable


Is Dishwasher Safe





All Seasons


All Occasions



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